It was felt that the history of how Friends Unlimited was formed is important and not to be forgotten.

It is recognised that the dedication and hard work generated by the Founder members, enabled the success that it has today.

From a personal view, the Club has been an excellent way to socialise and make good friends.


Friends Unlimited was formed from the ashes of two other singles Clubs, at an evening meeting of thirteen like minded people, held at Beryl Marks home in February 2001.

Those present were James and Maureen Colwill, Neil and Marian Crisp, Beryl Marks, Linda Brunsden, Stuart Poynton, Claire Stratton and Ronnie Ramsden, with or without partners.

If you were there and have not been mentioned, sincerest apologies, you are not forgotten. 

After a lengthy debate and with no satisfactory outcome or conclusions, James suggested that we start our own Club.

Two hours later with the aid of more tea and wine, we had a committee with nine members.

For his past sins, Neil was elected treasurer, Beryl membership secretary, and Claire and Stuart events organisers, Ronnie agreed to Audit and advise.

It was immediately decided and adopted that the Club would function as a non profit making organisation, operating as a singles Club, but open to all.

This was and is still in recognition that some of the original people had partners then, and husband or wives now.

Within the space of two weeks, fifteen members signed up, and three weeks later the first dance event was held at Stoneham Park with sixty five people attending.

We sat at the desk thinking 'what have we done'.

We all owe Claire a big thank you for financing that first event, it was a great success and a glimpse of what was to come.

The Club continues to flourish, regularly holding club evenings, walks, parties, Sunday lunches, dance nights and an anniversary Ball.

We now have history, perhaps even wisdom, with the original policies, very strong on commitment with all income and profit ploughed back into the pot to finance new events.

All the founder members are still around, some active, some resting, but always supporting the Club.

They may even tell you about the wonderful and fantastic times that they've had and of the occasions that 'we have not taken quite so seriously'.

In a quiter moment they will tell you how many new friends they have made through the Club, and the difference Friends Unlimited has made to their lives.

Those founder members and the present committee will always invite you to attend events and join the Club when you are ready.


Our thanks to Neil for his original article to be included.